FUN FACTS: Oakland Running Festival 2012

With so many exciting Bay Area races just around the corner, what better way to get yourself motivated to sign up/pickup your training than to give you some FUN insight on these events.

Today’s highlighted race: OAKLAND RUNNING FESTIVAL 2012

The rundown: Organized by Corrigan Sports Enterprises, the Oakland Running Festival is a two-day celebration of running that includes a full marathon, half marathon, team relay, 5K, and the Lucky Kids’ Fun Run. Taking place March 24th and 25th, 2012 marks the events’ third consecutive year that the city opens its streets to thousands of runners, walkers, and excited volunteers and townspeople who come out in droves for this one-of-a-kind event.

Fun facts:

*Before 2010, the city of Oakland had not seen a marathon in over 25 years!

*Oakland was selected #5 overall on the New York Times listing of “Places to Visit in 2012”, and was first among USA destinations on that What better way to enjoy it than by RUNNING through it 🙂

*One of the main attractions to this race is the weather: The average high temperature for the end of March is 63 degrees and the average low is 50 degrees. PERFECT for a long run!

*Corrigan Sports is the driving force for the innovative creation of the Baltimore and Frederick Running Festivals in Maryland, which have been highly successful for the past 11 years. Their focus is on organizing larger running events within unique small-to-medium sized cities (that often go overlooked). Oakland, like Baltimore, is rich in history and has enjoyed fast and vibrant growth. Both cities are nested within a larger urban hub, which makes for an exciting and affordable visit and an excellent place to run.

*To those member of the Raider nation, the team will be there to cheer you on!

*Lake Merritt (which both full and half marathoners will pass on their way back to downtown Oakland and the finish line) is the first official wildlife refuge in the United States. It’s home to a large population of birds, particularly geese (which are the mascot for the local running club, the Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders). Don’t worry, they’re friendly!

For more information about this great East Bay festival, stop into the store and we’ll be happy to share our experiences there. Many ARM runners took part in it last year and had positive feedback. Hopefully this post will inspire you to register and see what FUN is in store for you!

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