From THE DAILY JOURNAL: Track Closures Concern Runners

If you happened to come across an issue of the Daily Journal this past Friday (3/2), you probably recognized our ARM leaders mentioned concerning the issues our local high school tracks are having on the debate of whether or not they should remain open to the public.

Here’s a little blurb on what our store manager, Monte, had to say about the situation and what his concerns are as someone who trains runners regularly throughout the year and is at a loss for convenient places to meet:

“Monte Keleher, a Burlingame native and one of the owners of A Runner’s Mind on Howard Avenue, recalled working summers at Runner’s Feet which offered group runs at the Burlingame High School track. When that store located across the street from the tra

ck on Oak Grove Avenue closed, A Runner’s Mind opened in August 2010 similarly offering group runs throughout the week. 

Keleher agrees, the track should be closed during games and isn’t opposed to paying for a permit to use. But he questions the need to close public access to fields during practices. Additionally, Keleher has concerns about the district’s communication about when the field is available.”

Click here to read the rest of the article, which includes feedback from the school district’s facilities manager and other local coaches.

As a store dedicated to our runners, we want to know how these track closures have affected you! Email us your feedback at for any questions, concerns, or thoughts about the article. Fingers crossed we’ll find a new home for our ARM Academy training sessions and group runs soon!

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