From the Experts: Preventing Injury in High School Track Runners

Posted March 1, 2012 by arunnersmind
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Being a store whose creator was a worried mother to several track-obsessed children, ARM knows that the start of Track & Field seasons also means the beginning of a possible series of running injuries. The students are PUMPED for a good season and an opportunity to join a team of great people and start off with a bang. A few weeks pass and those who were having the time of their lives are halted by shin splints, IT band syndrome, runner’s knee, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis…the list goes on.

We came across this GREAT article in A Runner’s World on how to approach this season and prevent injury as a parent, a coach and most importantly, as a runner.

Come into the store for more tips on injury prevention, starting from the ground up 🙂 Excited to watch all our local high school teams hit the track this Spring!


Nike’s “Faster than Skin” 2012 Olympics Track & Field Uniforms

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In preparation for this year’s 2012 Olympics, popular athletic brands are going above and beyond technology and innovation to provide our athletes with the most advanced footwear/clothes that is both functional and fashionable. After all, with the world at their fingertips as they line up at the starting line, the last thing Ryan Hall and Shalane Flanagan want to worry about it is what they’re wearing.

Just days ago, Nike revealed their exciting new line Olympic Track & Field athletic-wear, highlighting two significant pieces of the collection that are sure to “wow” the audience and improve the performance of the runner.

Their Pro TurboSpeed track suit, dubbed the fastest track uniform Nike has ever built. According to Nike, the suit is reportedly .023 seconds faster over 100 meters than the company’s previous uniform, according to wind tunnel data. It comes in a one-piece, full-body suit, a two-piece option and shorter styles for athletes in longer distances.

Don’t worry, all you “green” beings. No animals were harmed in the creation of these wonder uniforms. The suits are made with 82-percent recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are reduced to fine pellets, which are then made into a yarn that is spun into material. It takes an average of 13 bottles to create enough yarn for one uniform.

With the creators of these awesome suits claiming that they are “faster than skin,” questions of the legality of this athletic wear has come into play. Luckily, Nike Olympics innovation director Martin Lotti has refuted all these rumors, equating the invention of this suit as being the same as giving the runner a lighter shoe. It is meant to grant the runner a slight edge towards winning, but “the heavy work comes from the athlete.”

Speaking of shoes, we can’t RESIST getting overexcited about their new distance running shoes using Nike Flyknit technology, which is exactly what it sounds like. The shape and structure of the shoe’s upper is knitted by machine using a variety of yarns and fabric threads. There is zero waste and the shoe weighs only 5.6 ounces. It is also 19-percent lighter than the shoe worn by the gold, silver and bronze medalists in the men’s marathon at the 2011 World Championships. That’s crazy!

Nike has definitely outdone themselves in sticking to their long tradition of enhancing athletic performance through science, technology and the love of the sport. If you haven’t seen enough Fly-Knit promotion, check out the below video!


Can’t WAIT for the 2012 Olympics kick off! Which race are YOU most looking forward to seeing?

FUN FACTS: Oakland Running Festival 2012

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With so many exciting Bay Area races just around the corner, what better way to get yourself motivated to sign up/pickup your training than to give you some FUN insight on these events.

Today’s highlighted race: OAKLAND RUNNING FESTIVAL 2012

The rundown: Organized by Corrigan Sports Enterprises, the Oakland Running Festival is a two-day celebration of running that includes a full marathon, half marathon, team relay, 5K, and the Lucky Kids’ Fun Run. Taking place March 24th and 25th, 2012 marks the events’ third consecutive year that the city opens its streets to thousands of runners, walkers, and excited volunteers and townspeople who come out in droves for this one-of-a-kind event.

Fun facts:

*Before 2010, the city of Oakland had not seen a marathon in over 25 years!

*Oakland was selected #5 overall on the New York Times listing of “Places to Visit in 2012”, and was first among USA destinations on that What better way to enjoy it than by RUNNING through it 🙂

*One of the main attractions to this race is the weather: The average high temperature for the end of March is 63 degrees and the average low is 50 degrees. PERFECT for a long run!

*Corrigan Sports is the driving force for the innovative creation of the Baltimore and Frederick Running Festivals in Maryland, which have been highly successful for the past 11 years. Their focus is on organizing larger running events within unique small-to-medium sized cities (that often go overlooked). Oakland, like Baltimore, is rich in history and has enjoyed fast and vibrant growth. Both cities are nested within a larger urban hub, which makes for an exciting and affordable visit and an excellent place to run.

*To those member of the Raider nation, the team will be there to cheer you on!

*Lake Merritt (which both full and half marathoners will pass on their way back to downtown Oakland and the finish line) is the first official wildlife refuge in the United States. It’s home to a large population of birds, particularly geese (which are the mascot for the local running club, the Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders). Don’t worry, they’re friendly!

For more information about this great East Bay festival, stop into the store and we’ll be happy to share our experiences there. Many ARM runners took part in it last year and had positive feedback. Hopefully this post will inspire you to register and see what FUN is in store for you!

How to be BAWSI (in a good way)!

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I never thought I’d see the day when I was able to run 26.2 miles without stopping, let alone have to stop myself from signing up for every single marathon that pops up in my news feed. To achieve an athletic performance like that is so motivating, and it gets you thinking : how did I get here, and WHO can I thank because of it?

As a late(ish) twenties female, I can’t help but look back in admiration at all of the coaches who helped me get to where I am today as an athlete, both those who taught me how to dance and others who pushed me to go from half to full marathons in a matter of months.

ARM’s great friend, Miyoko Ohtake, is working with a wonderful nonprofit/public benefit organization called the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (or BAWSI); a corporation with a mission to create programs and partnerships through which women athletes bring health, hope and wholeness to our community. She told us about an awesome workshop being held at Santa Clara University on February 24th called We Coach U. Check out what she has to say about it!

BAWSI works to inspire and mobilize women athletes to become engaged in their communities and works with collegiate athletes to have them volunteer as coaches for the organization’s BAWSI Girls programs, after-school programs that introduce 3rd through 5th graders to exercise and promotes the development of teamwork and life skills like respect and responsibility.

The workshop event that BAWSI is co-hosting is titled WeCoachU and is a full-day professional development and networking seminar that the Alliance of Women Coaches and the NCAA Women Coaches Academy are also hosting and sponsoring. Stanford Director of Women’s Basketball Tara VanDerveer, World Cup soccer player Brandi Chastain, BAWSI CEO Marlene Bjornsrud, and others will be leading the discussions, and it is sure to be an inspiring, informative day that will promote the ongoing success of female coaches. The workshop is open to any woman coach (and aspiring coach!) of any sport of any level, and I hope you might know a few amazing women who would be interested in attending.

If you do know any female coaches (or aspiring coaches) that might be interested in attending, it would be great if you could forward this message to them. 

Don’t hesitate to sign up for this, ladies! It promises to be a truly inspiring workshop for all. Click on the picture of the t-shirt tossing-soccer-champion, Brandi Chastain, to get all the details/register!

My Heart, My Life: American Heart Start kickoff at ARM

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This weekend, ARM teamed up with a group of incredible people who are training for upcoming races on behalf of the American Heart Start training. The AHS coaches and it’s supporters are helping Americans to embrace a healthier lifestyle through simple behavioral, diet and exercise changes in an effort to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke; encouraging everyone to live a better life!

Our kickoff started off with some background information about the AHA, why ARM was involved, and the services our store could provide those trying to reach their health goals (including a free gait analysis and shoe recommendations for those participating!).

We then stretched out together, got some great conversations going and finally hit the streets for a group training run. ARM will continue to help our AHA runners during our Tuesday (6pm)and Thursday (7pm) night runs at the store. If you or anyone you know is running in support of the American Heart Association and is looking for some help getting training, join us!

For any questions regarding these runs or for more about our store’s involvement with the American Heart Association, call us at 650-393-5952. A big thank you to the AHS team of coaches for getting us involved in this kickoff and BEST OF LUCK to you and your team!

Staff Suggestions (from Dawson)

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Our second round of staff suggestions for the week, loving it! We’ll be back next week with some Valentine’s Day ideas for that RACING heart of yours.

Staff member: DAWSON

Product recommendation: BROOKS CADENCE

Dawson says: Brooks recently launched their Pure Project line earlier this year which includes the Pure Cadence. It’s a very lightweight yet stable minimalist approach to the runner transitioning into a minimal shoe. The Pure Cadence (as well as the rest of the shoes in this line) sits at a 4 millimeter drop from heel to toe with just enough cushioning to get you through a half marathon (and maybe even a full for some of you ;)). There is a band across the mid-foot that attaches to a rigid pad on the outside of the foot to help the over pronator maintain a more neutral foot position. I would also add that the cushioning of the shoe is just soft enough to absorb the impact yet firm enough to feel the ground beneath you. That way you don’t feel like you’re sinking into a sponge! It also allows the runner to focus on form. The toe box is also roomy but not to the point where it becomes sloppy and you slide around in it. The upper material of the shoe is even super lightweight and also very breathable. Even on a calm warm day, my toes can feel even the smallest breeze!

It may have taken Brooks years to develop this line, but they definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. I expect to do all my racing this season in this shoe or the even lighter companion, Pure Cadence, this summer!!

See you out there on the roads!

D- man out aka Dawson. ;D

What the ARM Experts are Saying!

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We asked our oh-so-styling (and smart) A Runner’s Mind staff to share their current FAVORITE product along with why it’s so great/what you should know before buying it.

Staff member: TOMMY

Product Recommended: MIZUNO WAVE ELIXIR 7

Tommy says: The Mizuno Men’s & Women’s Elixir 7 just came in last week and man, what a shoe. Pick it up and the first thing you notice is the weight. Put it on and it’s like there’s nothing on your feet. Yet, each strike propels you faster to the next. This lightweight, stability shoe is great for high mileage training when you want to feel the ground under your feet. (Cool colors too!)

Tune back to our blog Thursday for even MORE staff selection from Dawson!